You will familiarize yourself with the relationship between the Prison Industrial Complex & Education System and how it facilitates the School-to-Prison-Pipeline.


    You will advance your tool kit with resources and practices that facilitate ongoing identity development, transformative learning spaces & uplift teacher and youth power.


    You will establish strategies and action plans that prepare you to enact change & shift inequity as you see it - in your classroom, school programs, and policies.


  • 1

    The Intersection of Education & Incarceration

    • Introduction

    • Mass Incarceration: The Vehicle for Surveillance & Control

    • The Rise of Zero-Tolerance Policies

    • Disciplining Disengagement

    • The “-isms” of Education

    • Who is the Target?

    • Age: The Intergenerational Implications

    • From the Juvenile Legal System to Criminal Legal System

    • Voices Behind Bars

    • How the School-to-Prison-Pipeline Shows Up in Your School

    • Your Role: Are You a Gatekeeper or Disrupter?

  • 2

    Systems of Privilege and Oppression

    • Introduction

    • Intersectionality: Steps to Understanding our Multifaceted Reality

    • Unbarring Your Identity

    • Is Privilege Predetermined?

    • Policing Power: The Legacy of Oppression in the United States

    • The Myths & Meaning of Historical Trauma

    • The “Other”: Social Constructs vs. Social Implications

    • Breaking Binary Thinking

    • Owning Your Impact

    • Your Piece of the Puzzle: Self, Communities, Systems

    • Advancing with Transformative Justice

    • Plotting Our Position in Transformative Resistance

  • 3

    Classrooms: The Hinderer, Home, and Hub

    • Introduction

    • Dominant Ideologies & Classroom Discourse

    • What’s Not Inherent to the Education System

    • The Purpose of the Classroom

    • The Impact of Educator Implicit Bias

    • Referrals & Push-Out: What Comes Next?

    • Becoming a Transformative Educator

    • Are We Really “Getting” Our Students?

    • Activating Youth Agency

    • Building Mutually-Beneficial Relationships

    • Reframing & Measuring Success

  • 4

    Preventing the School-to-Prison-Pipeline

    • Introduction (2:00 | Video)

    • School Discipline: It’s Not Broken, Just Ineffective

    • What We Need, What We Got

    • How to Disrupt Discriminatory Discipline

    • Leading With Legislative Reform

    • Leveraging School & District Policies

    • Restorative Relationships: How to Heal More Than the Behavior

    • Educators: Position, Potential, Power

    • Prevention in Pedagogy

    • Cultivating Transformative School Culture

    • Beyond The Classroom


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Olivia Gardner

Olivia is a collaborator, organizer, and writer. Olivia is dedicated to the work of intersectional justice. Through leadership in student-led movements to working with local nonprofits, Olivia has learned the importance of facilitation, dialogue, youth organizing, strength-based leading, and community engagement. Olivia is a 2020 graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies and Women & Gender Studies and Leadership Studies minor.


Cam Perdido

Cam is a FilipinX educator, strategist, & activist. Pursuing education equity through intersectional anti-racism, Cam has experience in nonprofit management, facilitation, youth community organizing, fundraising, and cultivating equity-centered leaders. Cam is a 2020 graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.A. in Psychology & Leadership Studies minor. In Fall 2020, Cam will continue as a Special Education teacher in San Diego Unified School District.


In addition to full course access, you will recieve:

  • Downloadable Materials

    In each Lesson, you can download materials to nurture your unique learning style. These tools - videos, activities, templates - can help you reflect on your engagement and add to your pedagogical sauce.

  • One-to-One Coaching

    Throughout the Course, you will have access to individual calls with our Instructors to dive deep into your comprehension, clarify questions, and explore ways you can apply what you learned to your everyday experience.

  • Classroom Community

    As a Student, you join our interactive Classroom Community dashboard. Together, Students exchange ideas, share their own expertise & experience, and collaborate on ways to fuel collective liberation.


"We cannot go back to 'normal', because that normal wasn’t serving our students of color as best we can."

by MEGHAN MCCRACKEN, BVSD Equity & Partnerships Coordinator

"We need Transformative Teach more than ever. With discipline data continuing to show racial disproportionality, and teachers ready to delve into their own bias and practices - we are poised for change. We need to transform education. With the onset of school closures, educational inequities have been brought into the light. We cannot go back to “normal,” because that normal wasn’t serving our students of color as best we can. I can’t wait to see where TT goes, as I know they are ready to serve school districts and students. Teachers know that relationships with students are key to engaging in learning. I believe TT will help teachers build off of those relationships in powerful ways that will transform classroom spaces into equity-minded communities."

"... guarantee a safe environment for students to learn and feel valued."

DIRZA PEDROZA, High School Student

"We all know that the education system plays a crucial role in the everyday lives of millions of people. There is no doubt that it may come with some advantages and disadvantages for students across the nation... As a student and future educator, I can tell you that our society faces many biases and inequities that should not be accepted, especially in a classroom environment. Equipping educators with the necessary tools to adequately comprehend identity development, implicit bias, and systems of privilege & oppression should not be overlooked and Transformative Teach is exactly addressing this issue. Educators should not think twice about using this powerful tool, it will guarantee a safe environment for students to learn and feel valued. A teacher who is able to adapt their classroom to their student needs will be prepared to face social issues along with their students."


  • What's inside the course?

    This course is about calling you in. "Schooling the School to Prison Pipeline" is our introductory course to Transformative Teach's praxis - a theory and tool to recognize the ways that systems of incarceration and education interact. Through videos, activities, reflections, and workbooks, you will actively engage with your relationship to privilege and oppression, your communities, and learn how to disrupt pipelines through justice.

  • Is this Transformative Teach course for me?

    Transformative Teach is for YOU. It is for the action taker, the healer, the disrupter. It is for any person that questions how youth are being placed in contact with law enforcement far more than with the support of social and emotional development. It is for those who crave for our educational spaces to do better by students, by parents, by educators. It is for you to critically reflect on your identities within self, community, and institution to recognize your role.

  • I am interested in only a few topics. Can I purchase specific content?

    We are so excited that you are ready to learn more! Right now, "Schooling the School-to-Prison-Pipeline" is our Pilot Course and only available as a full package. Based on Students' interest, we will launch specific courses that align with their demands. If you want to see more, share your ideas and curiosities with Olivia at olivia@transformativeteach.com.

  • How does this course prepare me for real world applications?

    Educators are uniquely positioned to uplift, empower, and dismantle the School-to-Prison-Pipeline. Because teachers have the most direct face time with their students, teachers are already positioned to be the most effective, powerful stakeholder to retaining students in the classroom. Through this course, you will build upon your preexisting pedagogies and learn how to practice restorative, meaningful classroom engagement. Your application will support students' to prosper with their education experience.

  • Can Transformative Teach courses count towards Professional Development requirements for my school district?

    This is in the works! We are currently working with Colorado School Districts to provide curriculum that supports educator professional development requirements. If you're interested in having your school partner with Transformative Teach, connect with our Director of Partnerships at emma@transformativeteach.com.

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